State Of The Art Windows & Sliding Doors

Zen Haus supplies the latest slimline minimalistic aluminium framing sections with double glazing or triple glazing. Window play an important role in energy efficiency of home and with our windows, energy bills are reduced drastically.



Excellent properties


Double & Triple glazing, Low-e and argon filled


Thermo treated timber

What makes windows that we use unique?

• Our windows are double or triple glazed;
• Toughened Glass;
• Our windows are Low-e coated;
• Filled with argon;
• U factor of our windows is lower than most in Australia;
• They are made of highest quality Aluminium from Europe;
• Window systems that we use can suit all of your needs;
• The European Union makes windows profiles fit for harshest weather conditions;
• Suitable coating options for marine environments.

We are commited to bringing the best windows and sliding doors available on the worldwide market to Australia

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Our state of the art window systems are a standard key component which takes the Zen Haus level of building in Australia to another level. Windows are the essential part of every home and they are important for ventilation, capturing or keeping the outside temperature, privacy and security. While these are the roles windows have to fullfil, they also have to be functional, easy to close/open, practical, efficient and beautiful to capture those stunning views from your rooms.